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Talks, workshops, lectures, courses – spreading grace, inspiring change

Always open, always outspoken, always on the move. I split my time between Canada (my home country), Romania (my current residence) and my travels around the world, teaching my ideas on the dynamics of men and women, on seduction and relationships, on the art of living, and on the art of loving.

After years of exploration, my beliefs took the form of Ars Amorata – a philosophy of Beauty and an attempt to lift it to its rightful place as the primary principle in our hearts and in the world. It is my guiding thread wherever I am invited to talk, be it an event, a conference or a university lecture.

But it became a brand and venture, too… an organised enterprise with a calendar of meetings, workshops, public and private events, video series and regular online programs – courses, weekend seminars, telecoaching and personal one-on-one mentoring. It’s a way to properly answer some of the most burning questions men have, a way to reach more people who commit to changing their life forever.

I invite you to join me in conversation!


I am sure I can help

It is difficult to put in a few lines everything that I talk about, all that I teach and share. And, of course, the approach is different depending on the situation (lecture, workshop, online program, personal mentoring etc.). But, generally, here is what people learn from me and my views on seduction, relationships and life.

They learn to see and understand beauty, to witness it and naturally embrace it. They learn to love women and to be loved by them. They find out what lies beyond cliches and learn how to figure out unsaid words and unspoken wishes… How to wrap desire in elegant ease, and how to make someone want them for what they are. They learn how to cherish lovers, friends, family… how to seduce or win them over, how to keep them close or let them go on their way with grace and respect. They find confidence, compassion, charisma, elegance, honesty, trust, love.
In the end, they realize how to be better at not postponing life, how to see the city as a playground and their relationships as celebrations. They get the mindset, the spirit and the energy of someone who has women and joy in their life.

This is what I have to offer. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


My first book. An exploration of the art of seduction… of the hearts and minds of women, the concept of beauty, and the essence of the masculine mystique that we’re missing today.


Series of filmed conversations and debates, lectures and interviews. A good place to comfortably get some answers and, I hope, a way of getting you to ask the right questions.


DVDs, CDs, podcasts. Something to get you started if you are unable to attend one my more direct programs. Something to get you outside your comfort zone… to get what you want!


Here’s a list of events I will take part in as a speaker or coach in the following period. Please check regularly for updates or contact me (or Ars Amorata) for enrolment and more details.


I am directly involved as coach and mentor, and I coordinate all the various Ars Amorata programs. You can participate online or in person (when available) in various cities around the world.


From time to time, I’m able to offer a personal one-on-one life mentoring program. Given the exclusivity and the advanced nature of the program, a prior evaluation is required.