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Zan Perrion • Romance artist, writer, inspirational speaker, gypsy pirate


The philosophy. The brand. The venture. The brotherhood.

After years of exploration, my beliefs took the form of Ars Amorata – THE  PHILOSOPHY of Beauty.

Ars Amorata is a celebration of the art of love, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure.

Philosophers throughout the ages have argued whether beauty is objective or subjective, but in my view, beauty is neither. It is neither inherent as a property of the object (the objective view) nor is it in the eye of the beholder (the subjective view). Beauty is a third thing altogether.
Beauty is prime. It stands alone. It is a thing apart, in Kant’s words: a Thing-In-Itself (Ding an sich). Beauty emanates from what Aristotle called the Unmoved Mover, what Plotinus called The One, what scientists call the Big Bang, and what John in the New Testament called the Word or Logos.

Ars Amorata is my attempt to lift Beauty to its rightful place as the primary guiding principle in our hearts and in the world.

THE BRAND born out of a mistake. A beautiful mistake.

For many years I was talking about beauty and enlightened seduction, about a more elegant, a more excellent, and a more enlightened way of interacting with women and moving through this world. But it would take a random mistake for Ars Amorata brand to be born.

In an interview, I mentioned “The Story Of My Life“, by Casanova, and “The Ars Amatoria“, by the Roman poet Ovid, as some of my influences. The reporter misquoted it in her magazine article as The Ars Amorata. And I thought it sounded too good to just let it pass. Then an idea was sketched (on a napkin, of course) and the logo was designed.

A conversation evolved into a workshop, a conference into a program, and Ars Amorata became THE VENTURE of sharing.

The Ars Amorata name managed to wonderfully embody my way of thinking, my way of living and loving, my teachings to anyone interested in listening. It is my guiding thread wherever I am invited to talk, be it an event, a conference or a university lecture.

But it became a venture, too… an organised enterprise with a calendar of meetings, workshops, public and private events, video series and regular online programs – courses, weekend seminars, telecoaching and personal one-on-one mentoring. It’s a way to properly answer some of the most burning questions men have, a way to reach more people who commit to changing their life forever.

The Amorati – THE BROTHERHOOD of all those who joined this discovery journey of Ars Amorata.

What happens when Ars Amorata goes beyond the concept, beyond the inquisitive thoughts and daring words?

It becomes a way of life. Not a religion, but a belief system, similar to the way one might call Stoicism a belief system or a way of life. It is a layer that exists (or not) below all religion and all social structures. And it belongs to anybody.
It also becomes a lot of practical things (like eye contact, body language, style etc.) and helpful qualities (like confidence, sincerity, friendliness etc.), but not because some learned tips and tricks, but rather due to the fact that one becomes better, more profound, and naturally adjusts his feelings and behaviour accordingly.

Who are The Amorati?

A brotherhood of men who have chosen to move through the world in a different way than other men. They are men who pause, who celebrate women, who design their life instead of reacting, who move through this world deliberately, with purpose and strength, with respect, with true ease and delight. They are men who love women and who are loved by women. They are men who love life and gracefully embrace it.

If you are interested in a change for the better, let Ars Amorata show you the way.


The way to a better you. Your way to new possibilities.

You’ve come a long way, but a different journey awaits you: a path you’ll make for yourself.

I would be lying if I told you there are no tips and tricks, examples and things to be remembered and practiced. There are. And if that is all that you think you need to reach your goals… there you’ll have it. Nevertheless, Ars Amorata and its programs, The Amorati brotherhood and its events mean much, much more than that.

You will learn to see and understand beauty, to witness it and naturally embrace it. You will learn to love women and to be loved by them. You will find out what lies beyond cliches. You will learn how to figure out her unsaid words and unspoken wishes… How to wrap desire in elegant ease, and how to make her want you for what you are. You will learn how to cherish your lovers, your friends, your family… how to seduce or win them over, how to keep them close or let them go on their way with grace and respect. You will find confidence, compassion, charisma, elegance, honesty, trust, love.
In the end, you will know how to be better at not postponing life, how to see the city as your playground and your relationships as celebrations. You will get the mindset, the spirit and the energy of someone who has women and joy in his life.

And how do I know that? How do WE know that?
Well… We all walked in your shoes at some point. Then we learned how to change things.

So, if you are truly committed to change, I think you should give Ars Amorata the chance to guide you.